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forwarded message from Traveling Friend

Hi all,

I am forwarding this message from the blinux-newbie list because I
think this gentleman needs help, and there may be something simple
that he is not doing in order to get his dectalk to read by lines.  

He has read the manual, and I haven't seen any messages on the newbie
list offering help.  Perhaps a section title in the manual would be
helpful, or the name of the function he is seeking.  Often times this
is the problem when reading manuals, a function is named something,
and the seeker doesn't know its name, so can not find the related
passage to read.  Please help this guy out.  thanks in advance.

Ann P.

---- Begin included message ----
Hi again everyone,

I still need help with my emacspeak problem.  I've been trying to resolve 
the problem on my own but have been unable to do so.

I am using Emacspeak with my Dectalk express.  According to the emacspeak 
documentation, I should be able to scroll through a document a line at a 
time and have that line read to me.  This doesn't seem to be working for 
me.  The cursor moves to the correct line but nothing is read.  I can get 
the current line to be read by issuing the "read current line" command (I 
think it was c-l).  This means that each time I want to move to another 
line I have to first press the down-arrow key, then press c-e and c-l.  As 
you can imagine, this really slows down my ability to read through documents.

Can anyone offer some advice on how I can fix this problem.  As I said, the 
documentation says that simply moving to a new line should cause Emacspeak 
to read the line.  I will be very grateful to the person who can help me 
figure this one out.


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