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[comp.os.linux.announce] eicq 0.2.3 (ICQ in XEmacs)

Has anyone used this?  Is it worth the bother?


eicq is an ICQ client written in elisp (emacs lisp).  It runs inside
XEmacs 21.1.x and XEmacs 21.2.x.

eicq Homepage: <http://users.ozlinx.com.au/~youngs_s/eicq/>

Download eicq at:



        - eicq uses version 5 protocol
        - send message/url to single or multi users or group
        - authorize, search, query and update meta user info
        - receive contact list transfer
        - register new user, change password
        - play sounds for different events
        - interactive customization through XEmacs Custom widgets
        - key binding, "scripting" in elisp
        - send/receive multi-lingual languages (with Emacs MULE)

Gary Lawrence Murphy <garym@linux.ca>: office voice/fax: 01 519 4222723
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M:I-3 - Documenting the Linux kernel: http://kernelbook.sourceforge.net
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