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Announcing trplayer 1.0.0: An Accessible RealMedia Player

Good work.

 Emacspeak users can set variable 
to "trplayer"
--to replace the old rap shell script --
>>>>> "Matthew" == Matthew Campbell <mattcamp@crosswinds.net> writes:

    Matthew> trplayer is a RealMedia player for Linux which
    Matthew> has a text-based interface instead of a
    Matthew> graphical interface.  This makes it fully
    Matthew> accessible to blind users and others who can't
    Matthew> use the graphical user interface or prefer the
    Matthew> text interface.  trplayer supports all media
    Matthew> formats supported by RealPlayer 7 (RealAudio,
    Matthew> RealVIdeo, MP3, etc.).  In presentations which
    Matthew> involve video and other visual media, trplayer
    Matthew> plays the audio and discards the rest.

    Matthew> trplayer is available for Linux and is a free
    Matthew> download.  The trplayer home page is at:

    Matthew> http://www.linux-speakup.org/trplayer.html

    Matthew> You will also need RealPlayer 7 for Linux in
    Matthew> order to use trplayer.

    Matthew> Enjoy, -- Matt Campbell
    Matthew> <mattcamp@crosswinds.net> Web site:
    Matthew> http://www.crosswinds.net/~mattcamp/ ICQ #:
    Matthew> 33005941

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Best Regards,

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