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incremental searching

>>>>> "Gary" == Gary Lawrence Murphy <garym@canada.com> writes:

    Gary> A quick and naive question: How is isearch-forward
    Gary> (Ctrl-S) supposed to work under emacspeak?  My

Here is how it works --with both the Dectalk and Outloud 
U: C-s 
E: i-search:
u: ema
E: searches forward and speaks the  line containing the
    with the search hit aurally  highlighted and an
accompanying auditory icon
The aural highlighting helps you tell which of the multiple
possible matches on a given line you've just hit.

    Gary> testers are having trouble with this.  Can someone
    Gary> describe to me the dialog that happens when you
    Gary> use incremental searching?

    Gary> We also find that C-x k does kill the buffer, but
    Gary> does not speak the prompt (which should say "kill
I just tried the above and the prompt does get spoken.
Have you hacked kill-buffer in some way --perhaps something
    Gary> else has 
attached something to kill-buffer-hook.
Verify by starting a vanila emacs with only emacspeak loaded.
    Gary> buffer (default x)".  Is this a configuration
    Gary> error in our system?
    Gary> -- Gary Lawrence Murphy <garym@canada.com>
    Gary> TeleDynamics Communications Inc Business
    Gary> Innovations Through Open Source Systems:
    Gary> http://www.teledyn.com "Computers are useless.
    Gary> They can only give you answers."(Pablo Picasso)

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Best Regards,

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