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ViaVoice RPM's

>>>>> "B" == B Alan Mattison <mattison@cnsp.com> writes:

B> Can somebody please send me a copy of the latest RPM of the IBM ViaVoice
B> package?  Either that or let me know of another FREE package that I can use
B> for EMACS in its stead?  I have a "Speak-out" from GW-Micro that I don't
B> know about in combination with the system.

Sorry, we can't send you the RPM.  While there is no charge for
ViaVoice Outloud, it is not freeware and you need to register with IBM
to use it.  You will need to go to IBMs site and get it from there:


An alternative to Outloud for software + sound card based speech is
Festival which you can get at the blinux site:  


In both cases you will need to have a look at the documentation for
the speech package itself and make sure your system is capable of
running these packages indipendent of emacspeak.

The emacspeak archive contains quite a bit of information on getting
these software synthesizers working with emacspeak as well as
information on where to get the emacspeak servers for them and who
is working on the servers.

Good Luck and do keep us informed of your progress,


 Greg Priest-Dorman

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