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Re: Emacspeak, Open Source Software, Free Software And Blind Users

On 4 Oct 2000, Gary Lawrence Murphy wrote:

>         6) should _any_ other voice engine be as fast as VV and be
>            released as GPL, I and many others will jump ship in an
>            instant.

I thought you might be interested in this information from Alan Black of
the Festival project, which was forwarded to the ocularis-devel list.

>We are working on a festival-lite, which is primarily developed to
>allow very smaller footprint syntehsis for things like PDAs (current
>target is Compaq's Ipaq under Linux.  Its stil lunder development and
>aims at reasonable synthesis in under 4M (including voice and runtime
>requirements) and spaking in less than 250ms, which I believe isn't

Speaking of Festival, is anyone still trying to make it work under


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