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Re: Emacspeak, Open Source Software, Free Software And Blind Users

Hi all,

<smile> "Is that an iron glove I see before me?  ...", thrown down in
challenge?  OK, Raman, I am taking this one up and will contrive a
basic computer tutorial for rank newbies.  Stay tuned! 

RE the O'Reilly books, yes, you are right.  I think the O'Reilly book
on Emacs is a great one.  And its author, whose name escapes me at the
moment, intends to put a chapter in about Emacspeak in her next
edition.   Gary, O'Reilly will release its books to any blind person
who can prove he/she is blind by sending in a doctor's note.  They
will release any book they have in plain text for that individual.  I
found the book on LaTeX most helpful and the one on Emacs really good!
If the author of the Emacs book is really set on including a chapter
on Emacspeak, then, I would think that you could include info on
signing up for the O'Reilly book with your packaged box.  

Ann P.

Apologies to William Shakespeare for my parady. 
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