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auditory icons: dsp/midi

>>>>> "Random" == Random Factor <random@unbounded.com> writes:

    Random> I'm still trying to get the auditory icons going
    Random> out onto dsp1, and I have a few questions.  1.
    Random> If your using the dtk or somthing like that as a
    Random> synthesiser, does emacspeak output auditory
    Random> icons to midi, dsp, or both?
default is auditory icons 
to the wave device --midi if using  a software synth like
     Viavoice Outloud.
You can toggle between midi and wave with C-e M-a

    Random> 2. How did the pre via-voice / stdiosynth
    Random> versions of emacspeak handle auditory icons?
It didn't because I added midi only when I wrote the
     Viavoice server

    Random> 3.  Am I going to have to learn elisp *sigh* or
    Random> should I just be able to kludge it together by
    Random> comparing different speech servers/versions of
    Random> emacspeak?
dont know what you're trying to do so I cant  answer the
    Random> question.
If the above relates to your first question 
"how do I make the icons come out of dsp1" --that is not 
selected by emacspeak --it's the responsibility of whatever
     play program you're using.

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