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downloading viavoice V5.1 using emacs/w3??

This isn't the best group for this question I realize, but I'm not
getting any response from the w3-beta group, is it still alive? 
Here's the message anyway, apologies if any of you saw it already.

I'm failing to negotiate the  download procedure for
the IBM viavoice text-to-speech  engine.  This is done, (eventually)
by accepting a license agreement in a W3 form which then, I think
anyway, goes to an ftp server via a redirect.  All goes well, a
largish download follows as detailed in the ange-ftp  buffer, then
confusion breaks out as the client tries to render the thing as an
html document.  This *seems* to be happening in spite of having a .tar
extension and an entry in the mm-mime-extensions variable mapping that
to an archive/tar type.  There isn't a mailcap entry for such a type,
is that the problem?  It's certainly trying to display the thing in
w3-mode and hence making it unsavable.  
It would be nice to
1) just save the thing, ala what happens to .pdf files without a
working viewer
2) actually display it in tar-mode
3) (most easily) just not bother removing the /tmp  file and I'll grab
it myself.

Anyone have a clue what I'm messing up to get this behaviour and how
to cure the error of my ways?
thanks in advance
Peter Rayner

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