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Re: the sawfish tts module

"Mr. Joshua Lambert" <jlambert@salamanca.yi.org> writes:

> I noticed in 13.0 the sawfish tts module.  Now, before I go and install
> sawfish, what can I reasonably expect this to do?  I imagine it is far
> fetched to say that x is now speech enabled, but since sawfish is a window
> manager over top of x, perhaps some aspects are speech enabled?
As far as I can tell from the sources, the sawfish
support currently can onyl speak the current window title.
Raman also introduced keybindings for starting a emacs session
in sawfish.

But it is not speech-enabled X. It is IMHO a very good
start, because keybindings are a major problem of
using X eye-free.

> Joshua Lambert

   Mario <mlang@delysid.org>
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