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Re: Process speaker not running--ViaVoice

Just a few things you can check which might help -

1. After starting emacs with emacspeak loaded try doing a C-e C-s to
restart the driver. 

2. Just to make sure you have emacspeak configured properly to use
outloud try doing a C-e d d and entering outloud as the speech
server. If this works, it indicates emacspeak is probably trying to
use a different speech driver than outloud and you need to either
re-configure your /etc/emacspeak.conf file if you are using one or
start emacspeak witht the "emacspeak -o" switch or set the necessary
environment variables. 

Vince Giambalvo writes:
> Well, I tried just about everything, and all the "tests" work fine.
> ViaVoice speaks it samples pretty well, tcl outloud gives the 
> message ending in "this is emacspeak", and midi_tk | stdiosynth 
> works too. 
> But emacspeak just plays its musical introduction, and the
> Process speaker not running 
> displays in the mini-buffer. Any keypress gives a beep, and some
> things are also done. I can check for example that 
> dtk-program is set to outloud. 
> I got the messages buffer, but all it wants to say is Process speaker
> not running, and Set speech rate to 50 .
> Versions: lesstif 0.91.4
>           ViaVoice 5.1
>           emacs 20.4.1
>           Red Hat 6.1
>           tcl 8.05
> Thanks for any suggestions.
>             Vince
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