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Re: emacspeak problems

Is emacspeak-char-to-phonetic-table what You are looking for?


>>>>> "ts" == tyler spivey <<tyler@wapvi.bc.ca>
> writes:
ts> i am using via voice.. i would use emacspeak more if the rate was not 50. 
ts> if i set it to 85, it goes like this:
ts> works for a while, i type an a. wait 5-10 seconds, it says the a. i go 
ts> right a char, wait
ts> 5-10 seconds and it reads the char. when i read the char foneticly,  it 
ts> works fine.
ts> how would i make emacspeak add a period after the single letters? that 
ts> might help.
ts> this is driving me nuts.

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