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Digital Talking Book Standard Seeks Comment

The U.S. Library of Congress' sponsored process to define a standard for
Digital Talking Books has published its proposed standard. Based on the
W3C's XML and SMIL, this proposal is published at this time in order to
solicit public comment through March 20, 2001. Thereafter, all comments
recieved will be considered and incorporated, as appropriate, in the
proposed standard before a vote by members of the National Information
Standards Organization (NISO). If NISO members approve, the final
version will become a formal NISO standard, most likely sometime in May.

Your comments on this proposed standard are welcome. You will find the
document (both in HTML and PDF) at:


Please send your comments by email to the Committee Chair:

	<a href="mailto:mmoo@loc.gov">Michael Moodie</a> Your comments
will be reviewed by NISO's <A HREF="commitaq.html">Standards Committee
AQ, </a> which is tasked to develop the File Specifications for the
Digital Talking Book.

Additional information about Digital Talking Books, including
user requirments, and rights management requirements
specifications, can be found at:


A complete overview of Digital Talking Books and how they may converge
with mainstream electronic books is available in an American Foundation
for the Blind (AFB) White Paper entitled "Surpassing Gutenberg," which
can be found at:


Please forward this solicitation as appropriate.

				Janina Sajka, Director
				Technology Research and Development
				Governmental Relations Group
				American Foundation for the Blind (AFB)

(202) 408-8175

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