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Re: mime attached html on this list?

>>>>> "Jim" == Jim Stevenson <jims@eos.arc.nasa.gov> writes:

Jim> Who is the moderator of this list?

This is an unmoderated list.  I run the list.

Jim> Please what are the rules about posting duplicate html attached
Jim> mime duplicating the plain text on this list?

While there are no "rules" regarding this particular issue it is my
feeling that it is a waste of bandwith to incude html duplicate
attachments and there is no reason to do so.  It is my belief that
this typically happens when someone new to us is still using something
other than emacspeak to compose mail. Once they get emacspeak running
the problem takes care of itself <grin>.  So it is a symptom of
emacspeak dysfunction.

Jim> What mail programs default to do this?

I have heard that microsoft products do and that with aol version 6
you are unable to turn this "feature" off, but as I only use emacspeak
for mail I would not know and don't realy care <grin>.  So far I have
found that one the user gets emacspeak up and running the blot goes

Jim> Is there any advantage, when posters usually compose in plain text?

None that I know of.

Jim> Do linux unix programs do this, or is it from those who use windows?

See above

Jim> Thanks much.

No prob.


 Greg Priest-Dorman

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