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setting marks under emacspeak-13.0

this is because something in the default setup under
mandrake turns on transient-mark-mode
--you should turn that off.

transient mark mode is not very useful if you cannot see,
and causes untold pain to emacspeak's internals.
>>>>> "RAYNER" == RAYNER Peter <ray060@dar.csiro.au> writes:

    RAYNER> I'm missing something here ...  I'm getting some
    RAYNER> strange interaction between emacspeak-13.0 and
    RAYNER> emacs-20.7.1 on a mandrake 7.2 system.  When I
    RAYNER> just run emacs with an empty .emacs file I seem
    RAYNER> to be able to set marks, kill regions etc with
    RAYNER> no problems.  With the following .emacs file I
    RAYNER> keep getting messages like "the mark is not
    RAYNER> active now".
    RAYNER> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
    RAYNER> (dtk-set-rate 95 t)
    RAYNER> (emacspeak-toggle-character-echo t) (setq
    RAYNER> outloud-default-speech-rate 95) (global-set-key
    RAYNER> [kp-5] 'emacspeak-speak-line)
    RAYNER> (emacspeak-remote-connect-to-server (getenv
    RAYNER> "REMOTEHOST") 2222) (defun
    RAYNER> reestablish-connection () (interactive)
    RAYNER> (emacspeak-remote-connect-to-server (getenv
    RAYNER> "REMOTEHOST") 2222)) (define-key global-map
    RAYNER> "\C-ed\C-r"'reestablish-connection)

    RAYNER> ----------------------------------------------------------------------

    RAYNER> that .emacs file seems about minimal to get
    RAYNER> remote speech working under my set-up, it's just
    RAYNER> a few lines clipped from my original file.  Two
    RAYNER> curious things.  One is that
    RAYNER> exchange-point-and-mark seems to work, the other
    RAYNER> is that an apparently equivalent version
    RAYNER> combination on a more local redhat7.0 system
    RAYNER> also seems to work.  Neither of these machines
    RAYNER> are root-accessible to me so I didn't install
    RAYNER> the packages on either, but I did send them the
    RAYNER> .rpm.

    RAYNER> Presumably I've inroduced *something* in moving
    RAYNER> my .emacs from one of these machines to another,
    RAYNER> anyone see what it is?

    RAYNER> And while I'm asking dumb questions, I've failed
    RAYNER> to navigate the sourceforge site well enough to
    RAYNER> grab the current source for emacspeak, I keep
    RAYNER> getting "not logged in" messages.  Do I need ssh
    RAYNER> before I can get into this?  thanks again Peter
    RAYNER> Rayner

    RAYNER> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
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