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emacspeak 12.0 under Red Hat 6.2

Hi to all: 

My name is Doug Smith. I have been monitoring the list for some time,
but I haven't sent a posting, since I'm not sure this mail system's
configured properly. 

I'm running emacspeak 12.0 under Red Hat 6.2. I'm holding off on
upgrading, since it seems that you're having all kinds of trouble with
emacspeak 13.0. I also read a message on my user group's mailing list
saying that there seems to be some kind of problem getting emacs to
run under Red Hat 7.1 without recompiling it. I'm not to the point of
knowing all that stuff yet, since I'm a new linux user. 

I have a couple of questions about 12.0, however. They are: 

1. How do I set emacspeak 12.0 up to work with real audio? 
2. Is there a really reliable method of detecting capital letters in
words under 12.0? 
3. Would someone, please, email me the documentation file that's
supposed to come up when you hit control e D to read the

I really appreciate all the valuable information that's on the list. I
plan to continue reading it and posting to it as well. I want to get
to know you people personally. Please meil me at
bdsmith@buncombe.main.nc.us. It'll be fun getting to know others who
are like me and don't see. Thank you for the wonderful work you have
done on emacspeak. When all the trouble's cleared up and I get this
FTP client set up, I'll probably upgrade. 


Doug Smith

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