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Error Message

Hey All,
   I'm getting the old "Process speaker not running" error. I had the same 
problem with 13, and I put 14 on. It speaks "This is Emacs" then gives me 
the error.

   I've read the archives, and tried C-e d d to change the synthesizer, and 
all sorts of things, but nothing is working. Does anyone know a way I can 
debug this? What file would I look for and or in to see where the hangup 
is. I know there is one, I read about it once, but I can't find that 
information now. I also have a secondary error I'll post later.

  Also, when it says "This is Emacs" is that using the synthesizer, or is 
that a sound file just teasing me into thinking the synth is working?

Roger West

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