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emacspeak freeamp extension

Hi listers,

Q. How do I invoke freeamp from either anywhere is emacs or especially
from a dired buffer which contains .mp3 file list? I tried C-e C-f which
is what the emacspeak key-binding list says is the freeamp-prefix-command.
What I want to do is to be sitting on a file name say "gunsmoke.mp3" in
dired (M-x dired) and then invoke the freeamp command passing the filename
the cursor is sitting on to the freeamp program (which I have installed
and is running correctly).

Q. Is emacspeak able to use .mailcap and .mime.types like "pine" and
"lynx" do? In In MS Windows, this would be called file association.

Thanks, all.

Bill Gaughan

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