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Re: erc-speak.el -- Speech enable ERC Internet Relay Chat Client

          Hi Mario,

isn't ERC already speech enabled?  It is on the list of speech enabled

Best Regards,

>>>>> "ML" == Mario Lang writes:

ML> Hello. I am currently hacking on my first bit more complicated
ML> Lisp program. And I wanted to pass it on to you so that you could
ML> experiment with it or drom me comments.

ML> Please note that I use the script primarily to listen to channels,
ML> but I am not a primary speech user (braille display). So there
ML> are probably many things you as speech only user wouldn't like.

ML> This is a pre-pre-pre-alpha-gamma-ray test version. So dont expect
ML> it to be perfect. For wishes, look at the Todo list first.
ML> If you like this and have some spare time, send me additions.

ML> Here we go:

ML> ;;; erc-speak.el -- Speech-enable the ERC chat client

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