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emacspeak config questions

Tim --emacspeak-startup-hook
has been around since very early versions of emacspeak 
the .emacs sample you showed as what you use probably comes
from something 
I posted on the list --
the reason your emacspeak-startup-hook probably didn't work
is that you have a '(' missing --
you had 
(function  lambda ()
you need 
(function (lambda ...

For getting auditory  icons with a soundcard that can play
multiple channels set 
emacspeak-aumix-multichannel-capable-p  to t 

>>>>> "tcross" == tcross  <tcross@northnet.com.au> writes:

    tcross> I have a couple of questions about configuring
    tcross> emacspeak and wanted some advice/feedback. I'm
    tcross> currently installing emacspeak on a Mandrake 8
    tcross> based system running a 2.4.x kernel. rather than
    tcross> just copy over my old configuration I thought
    tcross> I'd check through the emacspeak 14.0 sources and
    tcross> look at a few of the new features I've not
    tcross> really had time to look at before.

    tcross> During my skimming of the sources I noticed
    tcross> there is an emacspeak-startup-hook variable
    tcross> which I hadn't noticed before. In the past, I
    tcross> have done my configuration with a block in my
    tcross> .emacs file like -

    tcross> (when (featurep 'emacspeak) (setq
    tcross> emacspeak-realaudio-player
    tcross> "/usr/bin/X11/realplay") (setq
    tcross> dtk-default-speech-rate 410) (setq
    tcross> outloud-default-speech-rate 90))

    tcross> I thought I might try instead something like

    tcross> (add-hook 'emacspeak-startup-hook (function
    tcross> lambda () (setq emacspeak-realaudio-player
    tcross> "/usr/bin/X11/realplay") (setq
    tcross> dtk-default-speech-rate 410) (setq
    tcross> outloud-default-speech-rate 90)))

    tcross> However, this has no effect. Can someone tell me
    tcross> what I'm doing wrong here?

    tcross> The new system I have also has a sound blaster
    tcross> live sound card and I'm running the IBM ViaVoice
    tcross> speech synthesis. One thing I would like to do
    tcross> is get audio icons back again - my old system
    tcross> only has a sound card which does not support
    tcross> midi and only allows a single open on the sound
    tcross> channel at a time. Apparently the sound blaster
    tcross> live will allow 32 simultaneous opens. My
    tcross> thinking is I should now be able to run ViaVoice
    tcross> and have audio icons (the card does not support
    tcross> midi). However, I can't seem to get this to
    tcross> work. I have noticed the variable
    tcross> emacspeak-use-midi-icons is set to t, but the
    tcross> docs say not to set this directly, but instead
    tcross> to use emacspeak-toggle-auditory-icons. However,
    tcross> if I tr to use this function, it produces an
    tcross> error saying the system does not support midi. I
    tcross> believe by default, emacspeak sets itself to use
    tcross> midi icons when you select the outloud speech
    tcross> server. How do I (or more precisely, can I)
    tcross> change this? I've also noticed on this system I
    tcross> no longer get the customize options relating to
    tcross> aumixer settings etc. I do get this option on my
    tcross> old Redhat 6.2 system. Is this due to the
    tcross> diffeences in sound cards or differences in
    tcross> platforms? If its a difference in platforms,
    tcross> where is the code which determines if these
    tcross> customize groups/options should be included so
    tcross> that I can check it and maybe work out how to
    tcross> get it to work on a Mandrake system?

    tcross> Finally, a question about sound drivers. It
    tcross> seems there are 3 drivers which can be used with
    tcross> the sound blaster live card - emu10k1 from
    tcross> Creative, sb from OSS and one from Alsa. Has
    tcross> anyone got any opinions on which is the best
    tcross> driver to use with this card?
    tcross> Well, that should be enough for now. I think
    tcross> there may be a few people who will be trying out
    tcross> the Mandrake distribution because of RedHats use
    tcross> of beta glibc libraries and C compilers -
    tcross> Mandrake seems the best alternative if you want
    tcross> an rpm based system running a 2.4 kernel. It
    tcross> might be useful to gather info on things which
    tcross> may be problematic or any idiosyncrasies with
    tcross> this distribution. I've already noticed some
    tcross> minor differences which may pose difficulties
    tcross> for the new user - anything I find of any
    tcross> consequence will be reported to the list so that
    tcross> it goes into the archives of course.

    tcross> Thanks

    tcross> Tim -- Tim Cross NorthNet Internet Services
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    tcross> 5973 mobile: 0412 969193
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