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how to get dtpc and serial working

create a boot disk with the dtpc module on it, it will only compile or run on a 2.2 kernel.
(module hasn't been updated)
or else .tgz - can't remember
put it on the computer that the dtpc is running on. 
the emacspeak instructions are in the readme if
you've only got one computer to put emacspeak and the dectalk in.
in my case, the board is in another sllow 386 and
i can't fit it in another computer.
i created a slackware boot disk and a root disk and loadlin them, removed the termcap stuff so i can't log in. oh well.
so i init=/bin/bash.
then i insmod the dtpc.o,
and mount the dos floppy with the drivers and the linux files on it.
(i copied dtpc.o to / on the root disk).
you need stty and insmod.
and cat. (if your making the boot disk yoruself).
then i do: (com2 is my port of the serial port).
mount /dev/fd0 /mnt
cd /mnt
mknod /dev/dtpc0 c 60 0
bash dtstart
it should say that it's running after a few minutes.
cd /
umount /mnt
cat /dev/ttyS1 >/dev/dtpc0
i haven't done it the other way (cat 
/dev/dtpc0 >/dev/ttyS1) because i don't know if the dectalk would loop. (
dectalk sends an a, serial receives ad a and sends it back to the dectalk?)
and then it should work, modify the speech server (i haven't figured it out yet - i just hit d in ed when i find something that i don't think the dtpc has).
just my $0.02.

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