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Re: emacspeak speech server

Hi, This is Doug Smith. writing to tell you about a speech server. The
concept of a speech server is really quite simple. It's the program
which actually generates the voice signals. 

If you formerly used a screen reader, you can conceptualize it in the
following manner: You had to have two pieces of software on your
computer in order that it might talk. The first of these was the
driver for the synthesizer itself and the second one was the screen
reader. Consider the synthesizer's driver as the speech server. It
generated all the speech signals which resulted in the electrical
circuits being able to make the right sounds for the speech. That was
the speech server. 

The screen reader was the client. This is the piece of code for which
the driver, which we now refer to as the server, performed a
service. In modern computing, which is much more distributed and
decentralized than you are probably accustomed to, there are usually
two classes of programs. The first of the two classes is the class
referred to as clients. These are the programs which request
services. They can range from web brousers to reading packages on the
order of emacspeak. The other class is the servers. These are programs
like viavoice or your ISP which actually provide needed services. 

I hope this will help you understand the concept of a speech
server. Yes, it's true. you need a speech server such as viavoice,
which I personally use, or the server for the dectalk. 

How does this program interact with emacs and emacspeak. It actually
has a limited interaction with emacs itself. It only uses the mode
settings and the characteristics of the file which is in your buffer
to determine the kinds of speech to produce. Emacspeak, on the other
hand is the real client. By means of certain codes sent to the speech
engine, midi program and other kinds of sound producing/modifying
programs, which actually request the services from viavoice, the
entire speech subsystem is made complete by the client emacspeak. It
actually assists the system in controlling the kinds of speech
patterns and/or auditory icons you get. All this together completes
your audio desktop. 

I hope I could be of some degree of help. If you want to read and
learn more, just go to your favorite search engine, yet another
example of a server, and put in something on the order of:
"client/sserver computing" and you should get a universe more of
information than I can provide here. I hope this helps.


Doug Smith: The Righteousness of GOD,
Son of GOD,
Joint Heir with CHRIST 
and Keeper Of The Light.

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