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accessing on-line translation dictionaries

Not sure whether this belongs here or on the emacs-w3 (very quiet)
list.  Has anyone managed to access one of the automated translation
services such as
from within emacspeak?  I'm just looking for single word translation
here not documents.  If noone has done this I'll try to add a new
entry to the possible emacspeak-websearch-dispatch  options, or at
least that's what I would imagine is the most convenient thing.  

Also before I try, I believe the viavoice packages distributed with
mandrake are supposed to be capable of French and German.  Has anyone
tried these from within emacspeak?  
I'm using emacspeak14.0-1  and emacs-w3-4.0-pre46 if that helps
thanks again
Peter Rayner

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