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My contributions to the Emacspeak manual

Hi All,

I decided to have a read of the Emacspeak manual.  I found a few minor
things I thought may be worth correcting:

1.  In the file install.texi connecting is misspelt conecting.
2.  In the file tts.texi the word the is misspelt teh.
3.  Also in tts.texi I am not sure of the capitalisation of DELETEs.  Is
this capitalisation like this on purpose?
4.  In documents.texi don't is misspelt dont.
5.  Also in documents.texi there is a word minutii.  I think, though am not
sure, that this word should be minutia.
6.  Finally there seems to be an inconsistent style between using ``quoted
text'' and "quoted text".  Is this purposeful?

In the contributing part of the manual it states to send the altered files
to the mailing list.  However since these are extremely minor changes should
I still do this?  Also if possible I'd just like clarification on the couple
of points about which I am unsure.  I'm not criticising, just trying to

Keep up the good work.

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