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what can be done to make a blind user of linux comfortable iwth the computer system

Dear all, I've been using computers for last 5 years or so. I've used
windows for the most part of my work. It's a fact that windows is very user
friendly. The moment a new learner sits in front of the computer with
windows as the operating system, he does get some hang of the system if he
or she spends half an hour so as you are getting the sound output all the
time. You don't have to remember different commands for different programs
because it's menu driven. 
I would like to know whether a person like me who does not have any
knowledge of linux, can straightaway sit at a linux system. Rather I would
suggest that a specific project should be started which works towards the
solution of this problem. Forgive me if I'm unaware of any such
already-existing project. Would anybody enlighten me on this?

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