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Re: Fwd: Re: request for emacspeak installation instructions on mandrake 7.2

Hi Marty (and other listers),

Just a few comments on your install notes...

> 2. Downloaad/copy and install the Lesstif packages (Lesstif-mwm, Lesstif-devel, andLesstif-client) which are available from www.lesstif.org. Use the following rpm commands to install the packages:

You don't have to install the lesstif packages. These packages are
only needed if you want to run the gui versions of the ViaVoice sample
programs. For emacspeak, these packages are only useful if
	  1. You are running X windows
	  2. You have some vision and can use the gui tools

You can avoid having to download the lesstif (and open source motif
replacement) if you use the --nodeps switch when installing ViaVoice

> 3. Download/copy osslinux395c-2x.tar.gz for www.leb.net. This is the free download version of the OSS sound drivers. Unpack the package with the following:

You only need to do this if your soundcard is not supported by the
sound drivers which come with Mandrake. In fact, this could be a
dangerous thing to do as the drivers at leb.net may not be as current
as the ones which come with Mandrake. Also note that Mandrake comes
with both the ALSA and OSS sound drivers. On my system running a Sound
Blaster Live card, I found the driver which came with Mandrake 8.0 was
fine. I'd recommend testing your sound card and running sndcnfig to
configure your sound card first. It will tell you if the card you have
is not supported. If you can configure it with sndconfig and you can
play *.au files, then there is no need to install the drivers from
leb.net (or do anything else with your sound drivers). 

I just checked the leb.net site and could not find the oss package
anywhere - maybe I was not looking in the right spot.


> 6. Download, unpack, and install stdiom:

It is probably a good idea to point out at this point that you only
need the stdiom package if you are running ViaVoice and your sound
card is not a multi-channel card and you want to be able to use
auditory icons. If you have a multi-channel sound card like the sound
blaster live, you don't need this package or if you don't want
auditory icons, you don't need this package.

I found the only thing I had to do to get emacspeak running under
mandrake was to install tclx, viavoice, emacs and emacspeak and modify
the default /etc/emacs/site-statup.el file. Once I had done that,
everything worked find. This was with a Sound Blaster Live card. 

Tim Cross
mailto: tcross@northnet.com.au
phone: +61 2 6772 5973
mobile: 0412 969193

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