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Thanks for the null-modem cable help!

Thanks to everyone who provided information on the null-modem cable
installs -- you all have been most helpful!  For posterity, here's a
summarization of the suggestions and outcomes:

* Use Speakup instead to install Linux - I've been playing with Speakup
too, and it works great.  I knew that there were 2 ways to install Linux -
Speakup and the null modem option.  I can now say I've tested both... and
Speakup wins! (Thanks Matt!)

*  The kernel included on the latest versions of the Red Hat and Debian
boot and install disks *do not* support serial console.  Slackware
apparently used to support serial console on install, but I have no
confirmation that it still does.  Thus, unless the user chooses to
recompile the installation kernel to include serial console support,
installing over a null modem cable is not an option if you are using an
i386 architecture machine and RH or Debian. If you're using some other
distro... good luck, and let me know if it works!

* Of course, the standard Linux kernel *does* have serial console support
built in.  So once you've installed and booted to the resident kernel, you
can redirect your output to wherever you want it to go, including the com
ports. (Thanks LCR!)

BTW, with regards to the suggestion to convince the mainstream distros to
integrate speech access, I think a project along this lines is already
under way, courtesy of Alan Cox and Karl Dahlke. Refer to
http://www.eklhad.net/linux/adapter-reqs.html for more info.

And now, off to update the HOWTO...


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