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Draft of new Emacspeak User's Guide

Greetings all,

The first draft of the new Emacspeak User's Guide is now available on the
Emacspeak website!  You can access it by clicking on the User Guide link at
the top of the Emacspeak website (http://emacspeak.sf.net). The document is
the cumulation of numerous suggestions and ideas from everyone on the
Emacspeak mailing list, as well as a good bit of input from Dr. Raman.  The
new User's Guide differs from the original (which will be renamed to the
Emacspeak Reference Guide) in that it is a set of task-oriented tutorials
for doing everything from reading email to using the calendar to playing

I sincerely hope that this Guide will be of use to its intended audience,
current and potential Emacspeak users. As a part of this audience, your
comments, suggestions, and criticisms are welcome, since this kind of input
can only help make the User's Guide better.  In the next week, if you have
an opportunity to review the Guide, please do so, and any feedback received
by October 26th will be included in the final version of the Guide that
will be distributed with the Thanksgiving release of Emacspeak. Of course,
feedback after that time is welcome, but will most likely be included in
the next version of the Guide.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely yours,


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