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New user : ViaVoice problem

Hi all,

My name is Nath and I live in france. My english is very bad but I hope you
will understand me.
I decide to use emacspeak on a Compaq laptop with viaVoice but I encounter a
big problem.
To describe my config :
soundcard chip : Via 82cXX
ram : 32MB
I have installed viaVoice on the laptop with OSS drivers for the soundcard.
I can listen mp3 files but it's not the same for ViaVoice. when I try to run
the samples include in the "cmdlinespeak" directory, ViaVoice pronounces one
word and then stopped without error message.
Then I ask me if I have enough memory on my laptop, if the soundcard chip is
or is not compatible with ViaVoice, if I need to install other drivers to
replace OSS ?
Has someone here ever encountered the same problem ? If yes it will be very
good to share your expérience with me.
Help will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Nath (from Toulouse - France)

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