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texinfo formatting while using emacspeak

texinfo-format-buffer is no longer being actively maintained
and the tool that the GNU folks use is makeinfo.

So rather than spending time on texinfo-format-buffer --use
makeinfo --and if there are problems with makeinfo for
non-English character sets, report those problems to the
makeinfo developers so they get fixed--

>>>>> "Koichi" == Koichi INOUE <inoue@argv.org> writes:

    Koichi> Hi, While using Emacspeak, we can't format
    Koichi> texinfo file to info using
    Koichi> texinfo-format-buffer.  Sometimes it is the only
    Koichi> way to format info files containing foreign
    Koichi> characters other than English.  Raman, don't you
    Koichi> use texinfo-format-buffer with emacspeak?  This
    Koichi> kind of advice seems to fix the problem.  It
    Koichi> would be cleaner to remove only
    Koichi> (emacspeak-texinfo-mode-hook).  Is this
    Koichi> appliable?

    Koichi> (defadvice texinfo-format-buffer (around
    Koichi> emacspeak pre act) "Disable voicification."
    Koichi> (let (tmp-texinfo-mode-hook texinfo-mode-hook)
    Koichi> (setq texinfo-mode-hook nil) ad-do-it (setq
    Koichi> texinfo-mode-hook tmp-texinfo-mode-hook) ))

    Koichi> -- Koichi Inoue, ARGV E-Mail: inoue@argv.org ICQ
    Koichi> UIN: 74900690

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Best Regards,

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