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People with Learning Difficulties and their Needs

I am trying to build a relationship between our 2 communities.
This is a relationship that goes back at least 100 years and almost 
certainly more.

Please take the time to visit our site http://www.peepo.com, it is very 
popular within our niche market ~66,000 successful page requests last 
year*. Peepo has recently won substantial funding, against competition, 
to test and improve its usefulness.(1)

A list of LD sites that link to peepo is provided here:

Please take the time to read:

Valuing People
A New Strategy for Learning Disability for the 21st Century

Presented to Parliament
by the Secretary of State
for Health
by Command of Her Majesty
March 2001

Our college was involved in its production

thank you

*Please bear in mind that many of our visitors come via colleges and so 
many pages are cached.

(1)	http://www.learningdifficulty.org/
Lambeth College Business Development Unit announces: New Opportunities 
Fund - A NOF  bid - 'The PEEPO Project' has been successful in securing 
funding for 2 years. The project will support people with severe 
learning difficulties and disabilities to use the Internet. The project 
will 'kick-off' in January 02 and will involve collaboration with the 
Social Services Department in the London Borough of Wandsworth.


http://www.peepo.com "enjoy surfing the net"

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