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Re: PDA running emacspeak

On Mon, 7 Jan 2002, jonathan chetwynd wrote:

> Has anyone used emacspeak on a pda?

A student of mine (Jean-Luc Faye) played with this last summer;
specifically, trying to get emacspeak running on an IPaq.  He didn't
quite succeed, but did get Linux (Familiar distribution)
installed, and did get festival lite (port of festival speech
synthesizer that doesn't use floating point arithmetic) working.
I have since got emacs working.  To add emacspeak would require
developing an emacspeak driver to go between emacspeak and
festival-lite; as far as I know, this has not yet been done by
anyone else (or has it?), and I am not sure how much work would
be involved.

> I am considering the sharp sl 5000D
> http://www.sharp.co.uk/pda/pda.htm
> Are there any good reasons it won't be a viable option, other than expense?
> It doesn't run X

Neither emacs nor emacspeak requires X so that shouldn't be an
issue; but you will most likely need to configure and compile
emacs from source for this specific platform (which means you
will most likely need cross-platform development tools available
to you). Then you will need to find a suitable speech
synthesiser, and most likely do some work to port it to this
platform.  And finally, you'll have to develop the emacspeak
driver to connect emacspeak to the synthesizer.

It looks like quite a nice PDA mind you; and the built in
keyboard may make it particularly suitable as an emacspeak
platform ... good luck!

- Barry.

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