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The correct place to put the variables and export them is in
.bash_profile within your home directory. The bash shell searches for
three files in a login in the order .bash_profile, .bash_login and
finally .profile. It stops searching after the first one it finds and
most linux systems use .bash_profile (sometimes there is a symbolic
link to this file called .profile). If you have both a .bash_profile
and a .profile, only the .bash_profile will be executed. 

Finally, you should also be aware that emacspeak 10 is a fairly old
version. We are now up to emacspeak 15. I don't use a double talk, but
it should be compatible with emacspeak 15. 

Tim Cross
mailto: tcross@northnet.com.au
phone: +61 2 6772 5973
mobile: 0412 969193

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