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Re: kernel version 2.2.16-22

I have no doubt emacspeak 15 is compatible with doubletalk.  However it's
larger than a 1.44mb floppy can hold and I'm downloading on another dos box
and putting files onto the linux system with a floppy disk.  The second
serial card connection on the dos box is strange.  The connector is big
enough for a 25 hole connector but it hasn't got 25 pins in it.  If I can
get that sorted out, maybe I can take over the linux box with the dos box
and commo running and get more working.  I had only downloaded the
emacspeak-12.01-i386.rpm file from matt campbell's site and think maybe I
should have also downloaded the tarball for that version as well.  In any
case, I got the variables defined in .bash_profile in /root since I've had
to do this stuff from root to get emacspeak working and env >env.log shows
the variables defined as I had intended after rebooting the computer.  So I
tried tcl ./doubletalk and heard the voices speak again, but I was not
returned by the doubletalk server to the operating system prompt again.
There was just silence after the last voice had announced itself, think
there were six voices in all.  So I hit control-c and also hit control-\ and
one of those two ended the session and I had heard the doubletalk server had
done a core dump.  Probably as a result of me shutting it off that way.  Not
having heard the operating system prompt I didn't know if all commands to
the system would have worked after those voices had announced themselves.

Jude <dashiell@starpower.net>

Net-Tamer V 1.13 Beta - Registered

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