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emacspeak tips unexpected results

Jude DaShiell writes:
 > I was reading around the emacspeak keyboard summary for emacspeak 15.01 and
 > found c-et for speak time and something else that appeared similar to it for
 > emacspeak tips.  So I decided to try c-eT that was upper-case t figuring
 > possibly both keys may have been used.  Turns out they were, but for
 > something very unexpected.  emacspeak announced it was starting up some part
 > of netscape on my system.  I don't know if emacspeak is supposed to be able
 > to run any of that, but there it was anyway.  The buffer window so far as I
 > could tell remained blank.  Just beeps when I tried moving the cursor around
 > in it to read text.  

Ok, firstly, emacspeak and emacs in general uses lower case and upper
case both, so you'll want to check whether the letter's lower case or
not when you use it.

As for the netscape thing, that's because, I think, browse URL is set up
as netscape. Try putting the following in your .emacs file.
'(browse-url-browser-function (quote browse-url-w3))

This is coppied straight from my own file, so I hope it works.

For some strange reason I can't figure out yet, m-x
 > term ls <cr> doesn't get tabulated correctly and won't show up on my screen
 > so it's a little difficult to determine directory and file names.  There
 > appears to be a dired command in emacs that has a nice enough display but
 > not much additional info on how to use it further on the screen.  I'll have
 > to find apropos for the emacs commands and read up on it.  

Ok, firstly, when you're in term, for something like ls, you'll want to
use c-c c-j to put it in terminal line mode. However, I've found, you'd
be far better type m-x shell not term for command line stuff like that.

As for dired, try typing c-h m when you're in it. That'll bring up the
help for that mode in another window.

Let me know if any of this isn't clear enough.

T.V. that time
 > display sure beats alot of the so-called accessibility products on the
 > market.  I wish my watch had a speech output as nice as that.

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