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system upgrade with surprising results

I had help upgrading the system from redhat 7.0 to redhat 7.2 tonight.  The
network choice I took was default bootp dhcp and this is for a pppoe type of
network.  Result is system finds eth0 but cannot allocate any ip address for
it so that fails.  Don't know if that was the right choice to have made but
there it is.  Next with emacspeak, emacspeak sounds a bit different now on
startup.  A few organ notes from the roller ball theme one of Bach's pieces
plays over my sound card as emacspeak comes up.  That sound card wouldn't
work in 7.0 but appears functional now!  What would have to be done for the
kickstart script in version 7.2 is quite different from what can be done in
7.0.  I wonder if slackware has a feature similar to kickstart in redhat
that no-hands operating system installs possible.  We had to install tclx
off the 2nd redhat cd this version of redhat to get emacspeak working in the
REDHAT/RPMS directory.

Jude <dashiell@starpower.net>

Net-Tamer V 1.13 Beta - Registered

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