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symbol's function definition is voide char-int

I'm honestly not sure about your specific problem with those sites. w3
is a bit prone to errors with certain bits of html. I've never actually
figured out all the reasons why. You might try upgrading to the latest
version of w3, though, and see if that helps any. You could also try, if
you're running the latest version of emacspeak, using the new xsl
features. I've found that sometimes that helps, as well.

If none of that works, a couple of alternatives. You could try upgrading
to the latest cvs version of emacspeak and installing w3m and w3m.el and
use that for those sites instead. Finally, if absolutely all of this
fails, hit capital l on the page you're in in w3. That'll display the
page, in another window, using lynx. You can't follow links directly or
fill out forms this way, but the list of links will be at the bottom,
and you can try following them with something like
This is kind of annoying, but I've found it useful when I really needed
to see a page and just couldn't convince w3 to do it.

Hope some of this is some use.

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