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Emacspeak 15.0

Greetings. I have
just read
what I take to be a news release (reprinted in the English Braille magazine
Access IT, February 2002). I know nothing of significance about Linux and
even less (if possible) about Emacspeak. But I Should like to be informed
about both. The philosophy of Linux always appealed. I have no idea whether,
as a yawn-standard user of Windows98 on a laptop, with various access
programmes installed, such as OpenBook5 and HAL for Windows5, there is the
remotest chance of installing Linux and Emacspeak. How much memory, how fast
a computer, how much hard disc space do they require? (Or would I have to
buy a new computer and start again?) Can I as a totally blind person, who
uses speech and Braille but far prefers Braille, learn Linux without
visiting hugely expensive trainers? What material is there to learn the
system and to learn how to use Emacspeak? There was another news release in
the same magazine about something from Linux called Braillespeak, with a
website but no email address given. At the moment I have problems getting on
to the web so please help.
Gustaw Kon.

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