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Emacspeak-w3m and voice-lock


I found recent changes in emacspeak-w3m package which implements
voice-lock according to faces.
I tried it with speech server of Outloud and BEP, and found it doesn't
work correctly, because it defines new aliases of voices only for
DECTalk, using dtk-define-voice-alias.
I added some settings using bep-define-voice-aliases and it worked
But it seems a clean solution, because adding new *-voices.el needs to
add new lines also in emacspeak-w3m.el.
Somewhat cleaner, I think, is making tts-define-voice-alias points to
current *-define-voice-alias function and using it.
Voice alias doesn't define actual command string for particular server,
so it may not harmful.

Do you have any other better solution?

                    Koichi Inoue, ARGV
                    E-Mail: inoue@argv.org

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