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w3 and dismal


I think my installation of w3 (version 4.0 pre.46) is having trouble
with cookies.  There are some sites I visit which use cookies as part
of the authentication process, among these are ?"mail.yahoo.com", and
"groups.yahoo.com".  When using the former, I'm asked for my
password.  When it's entered and I submit, w3 asks me about allowing
redirection.  I say "yes", and am brought back to the password thing,
again and again.  With the latter, I'm told by w3 that the url
redirects to itself, and the browser refuses to go.  With other sites,
I'm sometimes told my login is expired, or some such.  W3 never
prompts me to accept cookies, though it should prompt about all, if I
understand the variables right.The relevant part of my ".emacs" is
included here.

On Dismal:

How do I get this to show the results of my calculations?  When I
enter or edit a formula, I'm given "updating" messages, if the formula
depends on values in other cells.  Do I have to run a "report" to see
my results?

All suggestions are appreciated.


(setq load-path (cons "/usr/share/emacs/site-lisp" load-path))
(condition-case () (require 'w3-auto "w3-auto") (error nil))
(setq url-privacy-level 'none)
(setq url-cookie-file "/home/wx1g/w3.cookies")
(setq url-cookie-trusted-urls (list "/.*/"))
(setq url-cookie-confirmation t)
(setq ssl-program-name "start_ssl"
      ssl-program-arguments '("s_client" "-quiet" "-host" host "-port"
                              "-verify" (int-to-string ssl-certificate-verification-policy)
                              "-CApath" ssl-certificate-directory))
(setq max-specpdl-size 10000)

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