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(patch) emacspeak-w3m.el

Hello all,

We made Emacspeak-w3m.el patch For Original Emacspeak-w3m.el.

this patch maintained by BEP(Bilingual Emacspeak project) On Japanese.

If you use w3m(CVS current) & Emacs-w3m(Current CVS)? you apply this
patch original Emacspeak-w3m.el.

On this patch some feature Read mode-line status.
for example, If you type M-x w3m start emacs-w3m. & read mode-line.
  and then some feature included this patch.

I hope that this patch merge original emacspeak-w3m.el.

do you have any suggestion? 

thank you so much.

-- best Regards,

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