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Re: Where can I get festival lite?

I had compilation issues the first time I tried to compile flite. They went away when I got skipjack.
Don't know why, though.

On Sat, 27 Apr 2002, Doug Smith wrote:

> Hi, thank all of you for all your information on getting flite and
> where I can find it. Here's the trouble, there are errors in the
> process of making the system to work on my machine. These are make
> error 1 and 2. Nevertheless, I didn't lose anything. It seems that
> viavoice is the only thing that will work on this machine and that's
> fine. It sounds good enough for me and works well enough. When I learn
> how to reverse-engineer a program, I might, and I stress might, be
> able to fix the crashing problem. I am nowhere near working on it
> right now and I don't know if I'll even mess with it or if I'll find
> out how speech synthesis works and write up a whole new system. I
> might even just leave it alone, I don't know yet, stay tuned. 
> Now, here's another one for some of you to chew on for a while. I need
> this information before I do my upgrade to RH 7.2 so I can get some of
> this mess off this small hda drive so I can put more scientific tools
> and stuff on here. 
> Here's the problem. I have had 3 or 4 accidents in which I have broken
> my speech system. Fortunately, some friends from my Linux Users' group
> helped me fix it. The one situation in which I am interested involved
> the craziest of things. I am not running any kind of X-windowing
> system or for that matter, any kind of  windowing system on
> here. Nevertheless, one day when I removed a whole group of Xfree86
> packages and related font kind of mess, emacs broke. My speech system
> was actually fine. The entire solution to the problem appeared to be
> the re-installation of those Xfree86 packages. I don't need that kind
> of wasting of disk space. the question is: How do I configure emacs
> and emacspeak such that emacs-nox is started by default and so that I
> can pull those Xfree86 packages off here? If anyone knows, please tell
> me. 
> Thanks for all your help. 

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				Technology Research and Development
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