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Hi all. I am having problems getting Emacspeak 15.0 working properly on my
Debian potato system. I did a make config to configure the code, make then
make install. I also did an export DTK_PROGRAM=dt-exp, because I am going
to use the Dectalk express as my synth. I also did a export
DTK_PORT=/dev/ttyS0. When I run tcl
/usr/local/emacspeak-15.0/servers/dtk-exp to see if the speech server
works properly, I get errors related to Ultrix. I don't know why Emacspeak
thinks that its running under Ultrix, considering that make config would
set the proper build environment? I searched the Makefile and didn't find
anything to uncomment in terms of architecture or target operating system.
Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks in advance!

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