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problem with emacspeak 16

Hi. I am currently using emacspeak 15 and want to upgrade to emacspeak
16. However, it does something strange when I try to start it. I
cannot help you in the error department, because I can't see what's
being displayed, because the system doesn't talk before it
happens. However, I can tell you everything I have on here that
relates to emacspeak and that everything works flawlessly with
emacspeak 15. 

1. What am I using here. I have both the viavoice SDK and the RTK on
   here, as they were both necessary for earlier versions of
   emacspeak. I saw an earlier posting, in fact it was on here today
   that said the latest version worked only with the RTK
   installed. Does this mean that I need to remove the SDK even though
   I had to do that make in the linux.outloud directory when both
   pieces were installed earlier? 

2. I have stdiosynth on here to provide the MIDI icons. It's working
   perfect with emacspeak 15 as well. However, here's where I
   encounter the first of the problem with the new version. 

2. What's going wrong? Here it is. First, I installed the new version
   of emacspeak with the rpm -U command. It installed perfectly. I
   kept the old version running in memory while the new one installed
   so I would hear of any failed dependencies or errors. There were
   none. The install went off without a hitch. I got the message that
   comes at the end of the installation sequence telling me that
   emacspeak is now installed. "Great, all's go for the change to the
   new version." I thought. That was all it was, a thought. I exited
   emacs and entered the normal shell of my non-priviliged account and
   simply typed emacspeak. This is usually all it takes. In fact, this
   command is in my .bash_profile file so it starts it up for me
   automatically each eime I log in. 

I could hear the drive turning as per normal as emacs and emacspeak
loaded up. However, when the first MIDI icon from stdiosynth, the one
that is to replace that musical icon, because I don't have one of
those fancy multi-channel capable sound cards on here, the problem
began. The first icon is a little ringing sound, but it was
interrupted in mid-stream and the speaker on the computer beeped. Not
as much as a word has come through yet. As I said, I can't help you in
the error department, but I want to know if it is necessary to run
emacspeak 16 on either emacs 21 or Red Hat 7.2 instead of the 6.2 I
have on here. If that is the problem, I expect to be upgraded this
month. in both those areas. I just wanted to know. 

It's a good thing I keep a copy of emacspeak 15 around here, because I
have to erase the new version and re-install 15.0 each time I
experiment with this. If anyone has any suggestions, they'll be
greatly appreciated. 

Thank you. 

Doug Smith: The Righteousness of GOD,
Son of GOD,
Joint Heir with CHRIST 
and Keeper Of The Light.

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