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Re: need some clarity in the documentation

Sean writes:
 > Could any one tell me what this means
 > Interactive PREFIX arg says to set the rate globally.
 > This line on the online manual is common for anything dealing with setting
 > synth options globally.  How do you set synth options such as punctuation,
 > rate, voice pitch so they'll be set the next time you login or for good in
 > the curent session?  thanks

Globally means "for all buffers". Locally means "for the current
buffer only". To save settings permanently use M-x customize, or (and
this is the preferred method) write a .emacs file containing
appropriate commands and place it in your home directory. Full details
are given in the Emacs manual. The Emacspeak documentation assumes
that you have read, or are concurrently reading, the Emacs manual
itself, which gives full explanations of how to customize Emacs. There
is no difference between customizing Emacs and customizing Emacspeak -
in other words, Emacspeak is an Emacs application which can be
configured in the same way as other aspects of the Emacs environment.

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