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EMACS not found even after installing RPM

I am having trouble installing Emacspeak. The problem is that I cannot run
Emacs, even when I think it should be on my system, and then even after I
installed the Emacs RPM.

These are the steps I followed:

1.  I booted Mandrake as root to a Bash command line and mounted my Windows
FAT partition where the Emacspeak-related RPM's were previously downloaded.
2.  I installed the ViaVoice RTK RPM:
rpm -i rtk.rpm
source /etc/profile
3.  Install the ViaVoice SDK RPM:
rpm -i --nodeps sdk.rpm
4.  Try to install the Emacspeak RPM:
rpm -i emacspeak.rpm
Note that the filenames are fictitious and not what I actually had.

I was told that I was missing Emacs, TCL, and TCLx. I tried typing Emacs and
the command was not found. At this point I was surprised because I assumed
this was standard.

5.  I went to the Mandrake CD, rpm'ed the Emacs rpm, rpm'ed the TCL rpm, and
RPM'ed the TCLx RPM (ignoring a dependency with the --nodeps switch).
6.  At this point, I tried installing the Emacspeak RPM, and it did install.
7.  But when I try to run Emacs or emacspeak, it complains emacs is not

My question is, what am I doing wrong?


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