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Re: Emacspeak 16 and Emacs 21 problems.

Are you running emacs under X? If so, you will probably find the Alt
key has been mapped to a different key such as one of the "windows"
keys often found on newer keyboards - on my debian system (and the
mandrake system I use to run) this was the key between the Ctl and Alt

Note that if you prefer to have the old behavior, you can re-map the
keys using the xmodmap utility. from memory, there are instructions on
this in the etc/PROBLEMS file of the emacs distribution, which you can
access with C-h P. 

Also, be aware there may be some default site configurations which
come with mandrake which may not work well or possibly be incompatible
with emacspeak - check the /etc/emacs/site-lisp.el and
/etc/emacs/site-lisp.d directory for details. I found problems with
Mandrake because it comes with an emacs configuration which tries to
make emacs behave more "microsoft/pc" like and set options like
transient mark mode which use to cause problems with emacspeak (but
which I think is OK with later versions) and re-definition of keys to
make it more xemacs like, which can cause some confusion if your use
to the default key mappings etc. 

On the whole, emacspeak works fine with emacs21 - I've been running it
for a few months now without any real problems. 


>>>>> "Thomas" == Thomas Ward <slingshooter@valkyrie.net> writes:

    Thomas> Hi, list. I yhave just put Mandrake 8.2 on my system and
    Thomas> have installed Emacspeak 16, and of course Mandrake comes
    Thomas> with Emacs 21.1.  However, I have encountered a major
    Thomas> problem. After loading Emacspeak with my Dectalk I try to
    Thomas> press alt+x and absolutely nothing happens. I can't load
    Thomas> eterm, eshell, or any other command using alt+x.  is there
    Thomas> any other way to load eterm etc. I am a little frustrated
    Thomas> at this point. Any pointers would be helpful. Thanks.

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To unsubscribe from the emacspeak list or change your address on the
emacspeak list send mail to "emacspeak-request@cs.vassar.edu" with a
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