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accented characters, emacspeak-16 and emacs-20.7

Somewhere in a recent upgrade I seem to have broken the nice behaviour
of emacs/emacspeak and accented characters.  Under emacs 20.4 and
emacspeak-14  if I entered 
ctl-q 366 (ctl-q is quoted-insert) 
then arrowed over it I would hear something like o-umlaut 
which is what I would like.   

Now I've upgraded to emacs 20.7.  
Now when I enter it and arrow back over
I hear "a tilde paragraph"    which isn't quite what I want.   This
happens under emacspeak-14 or emacspeak-16 and it happens "vanilla"
emacs -q -l $(EMACSPEAKDIR)/lisp/emacspeak-setup.el 
or with latin-1  loaded.  

Now I'm sure this isn't just emacspeak, in fact that's obvious since
something changed between two versions of emacs while still using the
same version of emacspeak.   but I confess I've run out of
combinations to pin down exactly what's changed.  
So first question is what do other people get when they repeat my test
and, if they get the behaviour I want, do you know what's different?  
Thanks in advance
Peter Rayner

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