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emacspeak and an unresolved problem

Hi everybody.   I am new to this list and need some help.

I am attempting to run a RedHat v7.3 system on my computer.   It is a custom
built computer with a duron 900mhz processor in it. the HD is split in
half between windows ME and linux RedHat 7.3.

I heard about emacspeak from another mailing list i am on and thought i
would give it a try.   Anyways... here is my problem.

I have a creative '97 internal on board sound card that redhat recognizes as
one of its supported devices.   When i went through the install docs on
emacspeak web site it told me I needed to get emacspeak ViaVoice tcl
8.3.2-7mdk   tk 8.3.2-7mdk and tclx 8.3.2-7mdk (all of the tc tasks i
couldnt find the exact match but I did find a version of them higher than
those).   I proceeded to install the tcl tclx and tk tasks.   After that
I installed ViaVoice the way I was told and then emacs 16.0.1 after that.
The system told me that all   of the installs were installed
correctly. Then i did the test they told me to do in the book by running the
runcmdlinespeak script.   It worked that time.   I tried then to log in to
my system as my normal user and typed emacspeak at the prompt.   When I got
into emacspeak it said "process speaker not running".   I su'd to root found
out i forgot to add export TDK_PROGRAM and TDK_PROGRAM=outloud to the
/etc/profile script.   I added those lines and went back to normal user,
typed emacspeak and still no "talking" if you want to call it that.   after
i ran the second test "tcl outloud" in the dir they told me to go to (i
what it was right now) it told me "tcl: -- outloud: file not found".   The
install book for emacspeak also said that if this test failed it didn't mean
that all of the install was failed.   i went back to normal user and typed
emacspeak again.   Now all i get on the screen is the emacs windows and all
my computer does now is beep at me.

anyways.. after such a long winded explanation of the problem and what I had
done to this point.. does anybody know whats wrong or what to do now??

sorry again for the long message but i figured the more detail the better to
help fix a problem... and thanks for the help if you can give it...

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