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Re: how to get emacspeak and w3 to work

> Sunfire writes:
>  > i got emaspeak to work in general with w3 any way to get it to read the
>  > pages now??
> Which version of Emacs are you running? Which version of W3?
> We seem to be quickly reaching the point at which we need a FAQ on how
> to raise questions on the mailing list, that is, by providing relevant
> technical information up front, indicating what you did and how you
> attempted to resolve the problem, etc.
sorry... didnt mean to do that... my mind was sort of out of it anyways was
tired blah blah...now down to the work...i will give what was going on now..
first of all im running redhat linux 7.3, emacs 21, emacspeak 15.0.12,
w3-4-0pre.47, tcl, tclx, and tk 8.3.2-74 and viavoice 5.1..... now before
when i posted to the list i had problems getting emacspeak to even see
changes in my .emacs file and had problems setting speech rate and getting
w3 installed (version listed above).  well the strange part about this is i
left my server sit idle and didnt log into it for a week or so... when i
just tried logging into it as my normal user i was having internet/network
problems and found out i had to shut down the computer all the way to fix
that problem...so i did that... when i started it again and logged in again
everything i have been fighting the emacspeak program about now works..that
is strange considering the fact i had shutdown fully before and it didnt
work...anyways i went into emacspeak after it found my changes did M-x, then
typed w3-fetch.  it asked for the url i wanted so i  typed in say... msn.com
and hit enter... in the messages buffer it said that the "file" was loaded
and ready and was read only... so i hit c-x c-b to list currently open
buffers and couldnt find the web page... so i am sort of lost with that
because even trying to switch windows with c-x c-b doesnt work...the web
page isnt listed...

anyways thats whats going on ...other wise emacspeak works good now although
i need to slow down the default speech rate i sort of set it to 90wpm
oops..way to fast hehe

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